Ana Mendieta


Ana Mendieta (Havana, November 18th, 1948 – New York, September 8th, 1985)  was a Cuban conceptual artist, who focused on Land Art  and Feminist Art.  Born in Cuba, Mendieta arrived in the United States at 12 years of age as a refugee as part of Operation Peter Pan.  Though she would travel frequently to Cuba, it was in the US that she developed her artistic technique. Mendieta died aged 36 when she fell (or was pushed) from the window of her 34th floor apartment.  Her husband, Carl Andre, one of the best known minimalist artists of the time was tried and acquitted of murdering her as his role in her death could not be determined.  

Print cotton paper 200gr digigraphie certificate of art

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21 x 42 cm., 35 x 70 cm., 50 x 100 cm.

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