Camille Claudel


Camille Claudel (Fère-en-Tardenois, Aisne; December 8th., 1864 – Montdevergues, Vaucluse; October 19th., 1943) was better known as ‘Rodin’s Mistress’ due to her affair with the better known sculptor of the time, Auguste Rodin.  Camille was born with an attraction to sculpting, and from an early age she played with clay figures and so her father encouraged her to go to art school. There she met Auguste Rodin and they began their artistic relationship. Rodin and Camille worked together a lot, and it appears that many of his pieces were finished by her, but despite her evident talent it was a struggle for women to gain recognition in the world of sculpture a the time and so she remained in relative obscurity even until her death, in 1943.

After ten years of coming and going with Rodin, she left him and locked herself in at home and dedicated herself compulsively to sculpture.  It was said that such confinement drove her crazy, or at least that was her mother’s take on matters. It was her mother, upon the death of her husband and struggling to make ends meet, had Camille institutionalised until her death.  In total, Camille spent 30 locked away unable to sculpt nor receive visitors, by order of her own family.

Camille worked as a sculptor within the Impressionist and Symbolic movements and left us works such as The Mature Age.

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