Mona Hatoum


Mona Hatoum (Beirut, 1952) was born in Lebanon of Palestinian origin found herself ‘trapped’ in London while visiting in the 1970’s during the outbreak of war in ‘her country’.  The idea of ‘her country’, of course, is something of a theme in her life, as being of Palestinian origin, she found herself as a woman without a country and so the theme of exile is prominent in her work and indeed her life.  

While she works within the minimalist framework, this is more a style than a concept, since her work is loaded with strong political and feminist content, she is very concerned with power structures and the role of women in society. In her work we see the clear influence of surrealism whichal ways leaves the door open to the interpretation of the observer.

Print cotton paper 200gr digigraphie certificate of art

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30 x 30 cm., 50 x 50 cm., 70 x 70 cm.

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