Yayoi Kusama


Yayoi Kusama (March 22nd., 1929, Matsumoto, Japan)

“The mole has the shape of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the world and of our life, and also has the shape of the moon, which is stillness. Moles cannot be alone, as is the case with the communicative life of people, two or three or more moles lead to movement. Our Earth is only a mole among the millions of stars in the cosmos. Moles are a path to infinity. When we erase nature and our bodies with moles, we integrate into unity of our surroundings. We become part of eternity ”

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi’s work was greatly influenced by childhood trauma. It seems that Yayoi’s father was quite the womaniser and his mother would send young Yayoi to spy on his father, forcing him to observe his father’s infidelity.  Upon his return home he would be subject to the wrath such betrayal provoked in his mother. Nice, huh?

At the age of ten, young Yayoi became interested in the world of art, something which his mother didn’t approve of.  It seems her disapproval only strengthened his resolve. 

At 28, Yayoi moved to New York, where his happening and eccentric work quickly made an impression on the art world. 

It was in this new environment that Yayoi started to show signs of mental illness, which manifested itself in visions and delusions. 

His work both reflected his mental illness and provided a crutch to overcome his difficulties.  It is said that he literally painted what he saw, with his work bridging the conscious and unconscious world, his dance between nightmare and and the waking world.  He also worked extensively with the phallic figure, flaccid penises coving sofas and boats, representing the trauma of a child witnessing his father having sex, at the behest of his mother manifested in his dreamlike phobia of sex.

He was committed to psychiatric care several times over the course of his life and to this day continues to live, of his own accord, in a facility from which he leaves only to go to his studio to work.  

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