Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono (Tokyo, February 18th, 1933).

Yoko Ono’s husband, John Lennon, once described her as ‘the most famous unknown artist in the world’.  Undoubtedly, you have heard of her but as is usually the case, it’s unlikely that you know much about her art.  

Yoko Ono’s first forays into the world of art began within the Fluxus Movement, a precursor to Performance.  Fluxus combined various artistic disciplines and its members railed against capitalism and so produced pieces of art which were impossible to sell.  

Yoko has lived an eventful life.  At sixteen she was raped, she moved to a country where she never felt accepted, she was institutionalised due to mental health issues, she married and was subsequently blamed for breaking up the biggest band in history.  She then lost her husband when Lennon was assassinated. But, Yoko Ono continues to work. She is strongly influenced by gender violence and the experiences of her younger days.  

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